Our most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers are listed here:

How Much?

How much do you charge?

How much does it cost to have you prepare a piece that is not listed on your repertoire?

How much does overtime cost?

How much is the deposit?

How much space does the ensemble need?


When do you take breaks?

When is the deposit due to hold the date?

When is the final payment due?

When shall I book you? How far advance can I reserve the date?

Outdoor Weddings

My wedding will be outdoors. What do your musicians need?

Music Selections

What kind of music do you play?

Should I have a quintet, quartet, trio or duo?

Can any of your groups play the Wedding March or Canon by Pachelbel?

Can you help me with music selections?

Do we meet with you to talk about our music selection for our wedding?

Do different instrument combinations have different repertoire?

During the Ceremony

How do the musicians know when to start the processional?

How much time shall I leave for the prelude music before the ceremony?

Do you work with wedding coordinators/event consultants or music director of a church?

Will you play with the church organist?

Can you accompany my friend or family member who sings?


I might need the musicians to stay extra time after the contracted time expired. How do I take care of that?

Can I change the times printed on the contract?

What if…?

What if one of your players is ill or cannot make it on the day of my wedding?

Traveling, Relocating

What do I need to know about travel charges?

Will the group move or travel from the ceremony site to an other location for the reception? Is there an extra charge for travel?


Can we see you perform?

How long have you been in the business?

Do you have a contract?

Is it necessary to have the group play at our rehearsal?

Will the musicians on the demo CD be the same that will play at my wedding?

What do your musicians wear on a special event?

Do your groups use amplification?

What kind of chairs do you need?

Do we need to provide food for the musicians?

Do you have another question?

We'd love to help you!

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