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Outdoor Performances


To get married outdoors is very romantic. The fresh air, birds, the fragrance of flowers make you feel captivated. On the other hand there are a few things that need attention.


Some places/facilities don't offer sun protection at all. You may rent a tent like this (10' x 10') 


Sun, Rain, Wind
Stringed and woodwind instruments can not be in direct sun or rain. Cold air or excessive heat is very damaging to the wood. (Melted varnish can not always be repaired or it is extremely expensive). To protect our instruments we are asking for a shady spot. Trees are great, a canopy, tent or large umbrellas work excellent. If it is raining we have to make sure that the instruments are protected from rain even coming in sideways caused by the wind.

To avoid the possibility of rain we recommend to have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather. If the forecast predicts bad weather or it is obvious that it will be raining, it is a good idea to decide on using the alternate indoor location ahead of time. Your guests and vendors will appreciate the early notice. Even if it is a gorgeous day, there can be some wind. If the wind is very strong and it is impossible to keep our music (even with clips) and stands secure we will have to stop playing. That applies for a couple of raindrops too.


To help sound projection
Our sound projects the best if the group is seated in front of a building. To set up on a wooden deck really helps. (Besides the good sound, our musicians will appreciate setting up on a dry and flat surface). We would also recommend to place the musicians close to the wedding site. Be aware of ambiant noise such as running water of a fountain or stream, busy road and wind can prevent the sound to carry.


In order to take care of the perfect timing of each section of the ceremony it is very important for the wedding party to be able to hear the music well. The music and the words of the ceremony are used to signal the beginning and the end of the different parts of the ceremony. If you plan to be married next to a noisy road or a stream it is best to provide a PA system or microphones for the clergy man, yourselves and the musicians. Your guests will enjoy being able to hear your whole ceremony. The couple, the clergy man, your readers and the music are the active part of your wedding so make sure that everybody is enjoying your special day and can remember the beautiful readings and music. We have some suggestions regarding how to select the right amount of musicians and what instrument combinations work well at certain otdoor set ups. Please click on Choosing the right Group to read more about it.

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